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Hello i am Anish Maurya and welcome to you on your website “The Star Celebrity” Glamrous world. I will tried to give some information about stars celebrity related to Sports, Film, Youtubers, Dancers, Singers, etc to help you learn about their Personal Life, Life Style, Awards Achievements, Personal information including Schooling, Degrees, Collages or University. This web site is very useful for fan who want to know about their favourite stars Life style, About their families, where they live and so many things they want to know about their favourite stars.My website provide information related Star Celebrities and Local Celebrities. Website also provides their images, Family members pictures and their marriage pics. It also provide Their songs videos, funny videos, comedy videos etc with the source of YouTube.

This website provide all related information of celebrities and hope so you like that information which i have given to you through my website.

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