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Ads Place Unveiling the Divine Through Collectables - A Journey of Revelation and Wonder

In a world often clouded by skepticism, has made history  offering unique collectables each embedded with a REAL MIRACL...

In a world often clouded by skepticism, has made history  offering unique collectables each embedded with a REAL MIRACLE that tells its own wonder filled story which has proved the existence of God.  With a groundbreaking 25+ year research phase undertaken with the objective of unifying all beings and to bring peace to the world, this online shop promises to forever alter the conversation around the existence and nature of God.

The Journey to Revelation

Embarking on a journey that spans over two decades, has meticulously gathered evidence that not only 100% affirms the existence of a higher power but forever proves that God is not an abstract force but a sentient being communicating with us through miracles. The result is a collection of artful and tangible items that serve as vessels for these divine communications.

Undeniable and Undebunkable

The facts presents are undeniable that not even the most hardened nihilist will be able to argue. Through exhaustive research taking over 25 years to complete, these three fundamental truths are no longer up for debate: 

1. God Exists!

2. God IS a person, and 

3. God is communicating to us through miracles. 

The reason the founder embarked on this research marathon is because the uncertainty has often been at the heart of divisiveness in our world.  The evidence has been collated, the best have been translated into pieces of art embedded on collectables that customers can integrate into their daily lives, share with family and friends and which are certain to be among the most precious items in your life. 

A Divine Collection


The website presents evidence of over 100 REAL MIRACLES, all with an amazing story and many loaded with complex information that is clearly communication.  This evidence has been transformed into art and an ever expanding range of collectables, each intricately embedded with a REAL MIRACLE. From Christmas cards that tell a divine story to tree decorations that radiate celestial energy, the range extends to wrapping paper, jewelry, miracles for kids, mugs, candles, and stationery, patches, home design and the list keeps growing. Every item is a testament to the divine connection we share with the spiritual realm.

Christmas Magic

Among the standout offerings are Christmas cards and tree decorations that promise to infuse the holiday season with a touch of the miraculous. These items are not merely decorative; they are with the essence of miracles carrying narratives of divine intervention, reminding us of the magic and wonder that Christmas embodies. invites customers to make their celebrations truly special by incorporating these unique pieces into their festive traditions.

 Miracles for Kids

Many of the events presented as REAL MIRACLES are coded with complex information, yet so simple a child could understand it.  The collection includes a selection tailored for the youngest members of our society.  Miracles for Kids are educational, age-appropriate items that carry the essence of divine connection.  At the moment childrens puzzles are available and coming right up is a book called “The Little Book of EPIC Miracles for Kids”.


Embracing Miraculous Moments

Beyond the physical products, invites customers to embrace the miraculous moments in their lives. The creators share stories of divine encounters and encourage a community that seeks to find beauty and significance in the seemingly ordinary. The shop is not just a marketplace; it is an archive of miracles and a forming community platform for believers to share their experiences and foster a sense of collective wonder.

The Power of Faithful Living

Though there is 15% off your first purchase, goes beyond being a commercial venture; it aspires to be a catalyst for a shift in perspective. By intertwining the spiritual with the tangible, the shop encourages all humanity to live with a heightened awareness of the divine. These collectables serve as daily reminders that our lives are filled with miracles waiting to be acknowledged.


In a world often marked by doubt and skepticism, emerges as confirmation to the enduring power of faith. Through a meticulous and exhaustive research phase, the creators have transformed evidence of the divine into a tangible and artful collection. Whether you seek to affirm your faith, gift a loved one a piece of the miraculous, or simply infuse your life with wonder, offers a unique and transformative experience unlike anything else you will see in your life. Come and watch this historic launch.

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