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How to make money from e-commerce

Earning money from e-commerce is one of the most prominent areas of profit via the Internet. Did you know that the volume of e-commerce sale...

Earning money from e-commerce is one of the most prominent areas of profit via the Internet. Did you know that the volume of e-commerce sales in the Middle East region alone amounted to 17 billion dollars in 2020 AD, and it may reach 27 billion US dollars in 2025 AD. As for globally, online shopping sales amounted to $4.9 trillion in 2021 AD, and it is estimated that it will increase by 50% to reach $7.4 trillion in 2025 AD, according to what was stated by the international statistics portal “Statista”.


E-commerce is simply the process of selling products and services over the Internet, which includes financial transactions and electronic payment systems. Amazon Global Store was established.

Reasons to work in e-commerce


E-commerce is fundamentally different from traditional commerce, which relies on customers going themselves to stores and shops in order to complete purchases and payments. But online shopping makes the customer perform the same task in a few moments without moving from his place, even if he wants to buy a good or service from another continent, with just a few clicks.


Here lies the importance of e-commerce, as it allows shoppers to complete purchases quickly and easily from anywhere around the world, and the online shopping experience is more flexible and time-saving for shoppers, especially with the availability of online stores around the clock.


Also, you do not need to rent a building or work space for thousands of dollars to display your products, as e-commerce does not need that and helps you to rationalize expenses and reduce the costs of construction, operation and spread outside geographical borders, and these advantages you will not find in traditional commerce.

Steps to profit from e-commerce


One of the ways to profit from e-commerce is to establish a distinctive and professional online store at the lowest costs and without the need to understand programming languages, and through it you can expand the target audience base outside the geographical range, and sell your products in a smooth way that achieves your marketing goals, but this requires great effort and a great way From experience and learning. So, what are the first steps to success in e-commerce?

1. Planning and feasibility study


Any project that starts without planning is doomed to failure, as the successful project is based on a strong and solid foundation, and this is achieved with new planning and a feasibility study, and at this stage you search deeply for the necessary information to launch your business online, and you think about how to profit and outperform your competitors, and this requires a study Identify your competitors well, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and develop a general and comprehensive vision for all stages of the project.

2. Select a business model for your business


One of the basics of success in e-commerce is understanding the different business models, which can be categorized into four main sections:


     Business to Consumer (B2C): In this model, buying and selling takes place between the business and consumers.

     Business to Business (B2B): This model is based on conducting commercial transactions between companies and each other.

     Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C): This model is based on the buying and selling process between consumers and each other.

     From a consumer to a company (C2B): As for this model, the consumer provides his services to a company, unlike the first model.


In your second stop, you adopt the appropriate model for your business and understand the target audience very accurately, and this requires defining the services or products that you will sell and choosing an appropriate and attractive name for the brand, in addition to the importance of developing a vision, message and visual identity for your online store.

3. Determine your budget and available resources


The budget is one of the most important factors affecting the building of any business. Each store has its own budget, which is determined according to its nature, the size of the services or products it provides, and the advantages that are available in it. For a small store to sell a specific type of clothing in the geographical area in which you live, its cost is much lower than establishing a store to sell many products to customers in different countries.


And don't forget to include the costs of the branding and feasibility study in the budget, as well as the cost of proper hosting for your store, domain name, maintenance costs, staff and other periodic expenses. It is essential to identify the resources and assets that you have to invest in your business.

4. Create your online store


Now, you are about to launch your own online store. After choosing the appropriate name for your business, you start establishing your store by choosing the e-commerce website builder you prefer, and it is likely that you will use the WordPress system that allows its users to add WooCommerce for e-commerce and add Yoast SEO To improve the results of search engines SEO.

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